Achieve More with Your Marketing Dollars

Its your image – logo – brand – mission statement – values and it all stands for something. It’s more than just your product or your corporate identity; it’s a reflection of the promises you’ve made to your customers, your employees, your shareholders and to yourself. You need marketing tools that keep this promise.

It starts with the Right Ideas!

Our agency provides solutions to reach your specific goals with your business’ key asset – people; whether they are your employees or your customers.  Our specialists develop programs to increase your bottom line through appreciation and recognition of performance, motivating future performance, educating and reinforcing your brand, products, services and messages to your people. Once we have identified approved solutions, our global sourcing team executes the program and provides the best quality, service and price from our worldwide approved vendors. We are a full service promotion agency, your partners from inception and execution of your objectives.

Promotions-etc will work with you to deliver valuable impressions, building connections to achieve measurable results. We will uphold your promises and your corporate branding guidelines. We will deliver an exceptional experience for your customers, every time. Quality Brands deserve Quality Solutions. Quality Products… Guaranteed.

We are often asked, what do you do? We’ve prepared a visual presentation!

This is our promise to you:  Marketing Solutions that get results – Guaranteed!

Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help!   Call us at (734) 439-0354 to find out how. Find us on Google+